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Razor Mesh

Razor Mesh

1.Our Factory started since1986
2.Special Wire Dia:3.0mm
4.T/T,L/C ,Western Union,Cash
5Concertina Razor Wire

1)Concertina Wire,Razor Wire,Galvanized Razor Wire,Galvanized Concertina Wire 

 2)Sorts of razor wire:

1.   Single loop razor wire

2.   Concertina razor wire

3.   Welded razor wire (razor mesh)

4.   Flat razor wire

3)Regular size for single loop and concertina razor wire:
Cover length: 7m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m or customize
Out diameter: 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 730mm, 800mm, 980mm or customize
Blade style: BTO-10, 12, 18, 22, 30  CBT-65

4)Welded razor wire(razor mesh):
Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property without marring the appearance of the property.
Razor Mesh Profile - Standard Panel Sizes


       --Extremely difficult to cut (high tensile core wire)

       --Hard to climb

       --Height of 1.2, 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 meters

       --Does away with the need for a fence topping 


Single loop razor wire

CBT-65 razor type

450mm out diameter

Fix on the top of chain link wire

Together with barbed wire

Concertina razor wire

BTO-22 razor type

500mm out diameter

Fix on the top of welded mesh fence

Beautiful lool with higher security level

Height x Length

1.2m X 6m

1.8m X 6m

2.1m X 6m

2.4m X 6m

Aperture Size

150mm X 300 mm OR

75mm X 150mm










6) Flat Razor Wire
Flat Wrap Razor Wire is fabricated using Single Strand Razor Wire which is then clipped to create flat sheets. Much neater than Concertina Razor Wire, Flat Wrap Razor Wire is the prefered choice for installations where a neat appearance is required. The Flat Sheets can be used to upgrade any existing fence or wall. Add Flat Wrap Razor Wire directly to a wire mesh fence, or add it on top of a brick or pre-cast wall to instantly upgrade your security. Due to its
flat construction, it does not overhang into neighboring property and will therefore not harm innocent bystanders. For a cheap and effective complete fence solution, install Flat Wrap Razor Wire as a free standing fence, and with the three sizes we manufacture, virtually any standard or non-standard fence height can be achieved.