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Rabbit Metal Cages For Sale (Factory)


Rabbit cage 
1.Pass EU Standard. 
2.Wire Dia 3 and 4 mm 
3.other cages for quail,chicken,pigeon,fox 


Rabbit  Cage


Material: low carbon steel wire


surface treatment: electro galvanized,hot galvanized,PVC coated as your request



all special demands can base on the customers requirement 

Rabbit cage wire mesh 

Surface treatment:electro galvanize

Wire Dia 3 and 4 m

Size of cage : 1.88m * 1.5m * 2.0m


 Accessories: drinker, feeding trough,  water pipe, clip,  water tank,nursing box.






1. Automated drinking  system;


2. High rearing efficiency;


3. Designed for rearing and growing;


4. Floor saving and cost efficient;


5. Easy maintenance and operation;


6. Hot galvanized,anti-corrosive,long durability.






It's easy to deliver the goods very quickly.