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Plug Bar Grating

Steel Grating Standards 

Our steel grating products are produced to meet the listed standards: 


Steel Grating Standard  Steel Material Standard Hot Dip Zinc Coating Standard 

China Standard:

YBT40011998 China Standard:


China Standard:



USA Standard: 

ANSINAAMM(MBG53188) USA Standard:

ASTM(A36) USA Standard: ASTM(A1 23) 

UK Standard: BS45921987 UK Standard: BS4360(43A) UK Standard: BS729 

Australia Standard: ASl 6571 992 Australia Standard: AS3679 Australia Standard: ASl650 



Basic information
Grating length
The bearing grating length is the external grating dimension measured in the direction of the bearing rods (this applies even in the case that the grating length is shorter than the width thereof).
Grating width
The non-bearing grating width is the external grating dimension measured in the direction of the filling rods.
Bearing rods
The bearing rods are parallel grating chords supported on both ends and used to transmit the forces induced by the grating load.
Filling rods
The filling rods are chords sized as a rule to 10 x 2 mm maintaining the vertical position and stability of the bearing rods.
Mesh size
The mesh size is the axial distance between two adjacent bearing rods and two adjacent filling ones.
Border band
The border band is a steel band used as a border and reinforcement of the peripheral grating area; as a rule, the cross-sectional area of the border band is identical with that of the bearing rod of the grating.
Unidirectional Anti-Slip Arrangement
Indentations cut out in filling rods creating an effective anti-slip grating arrangement.
Bearing structure
Supporting structure, as a rule steel or concrete construction, where gratings are anchored.
Cut outs
Rectangular, oblique and/or bow-shaped apertures in grating structures cut out in accordance with the Customer drawing or sketch.
Step sides
Staircase step sides made from flats and used to screw the step onto the staircase bearing structure (the string boards).