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Green Chain Wire Fence

Green Chain Wire Fencing - Chainlink Mesh

Vinyl chain wire fences with various colors (green, black, yellow, etc) has the features of anti corrosive, high strength and highly rigid. They are popular used in government yards, housing, parks and zoos as wire mesh fencing. It also is used to protect the area from the intrusion of wild animals and the personal security. Chain link fencing can also be connected with razor wire or barbed wire in application for security in airports, prison and other places.

Green chain wire fence specification and suggestions for use

Chain link fencing is made in all sizes from 1.5 inch to 7 inch and in all size wires from 2mm to 5mm galvanized core wire and vinyl coated.
1.7/2.5mm are suitable for general domestic use, 2.24/3.15mm for site compounds and tennis courts - 2.75m high.
For heavy industrial use 2.5/3.55mm, 3/4mm or 3.5/4.75mm according to situation 40mm and 45mm mesh are available as a special in some heights and gauges.

Green PVC coated Chain Link Fence in rolls   Green Chain Link Fence used for sports fencing
Green Chain Link Fence used to protect dog   Green Chain Link Fence unfold image