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Chain Link Fence For Security

Chain link fence for security

We have a complete in house fabrication team, and have been fabricating Metal Security Gates such as one shown above for past couple of years. Our fabrication team is adept at customize the fabrication as per customers demand. We have done such gates in following finishes:

· Galvanized as per ASTM or any other international standards (galvanization is done after fabrication to make sure welded spots are well covered by zinc coating)

· Powder coated

· PVC coated

 Our efficiency has been considerably bolstered by in house powder/PVC coating line.

Chain Link Fence for Security
1.material:low carbon metal fence
2.ISO 9001:2000
3.Benefits: high hardness long life etc

Chain Link Fence for Security

Question: Why is chain-link fencing the best material for security fences?

Answer: Considering cost as well as effectiveness, chain-link fencing provides homeowners with the best option for security fences. For more on chain-link fencing, please see below....

When using chain-link fencing for security fences, strive for a height of 6' or greater and a thickness of at least 9-gauge. Avoid solid barriers when erecting security fences. For, while a visual barrier is desirable when erecting privacy walls, it is counterproductive for security fences, affording trespassers a place to hide.

Material specifications for chain link fence are listed in the following:

(CLFMI) Chain Link Manufacturers Institute Product Manual
ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) Volume 01.06
Federal Specification RR-F-191 K/GEN, 14 May 1990
ASTM F 1553, "The Standard Guide for Specifying Chain Link Fence" will provide he appropriate information to develop a specification document.

Chain Link Fabric:
The material specification for chain link fabric is thoroughly spelled out in the CLFMI Product Manual, ASTM and the Federal Specifications. The choice of chain link fabric will govern the desired security level, and the various fabric-coating choices will govern the corrosion resistance. Light gauge residential chain link fabric will not be considered in this document. Provided are only those chain link fabrics that offer a level of security, thus the gauge of wire and mesh size has been narrowed down to the following:
11 gauge (0.120" diameter)
having minimum break strength of 850 lbf
9 gauge (0.148" diameter)
having minimum break strength of 1290 lbf
6 gauge (0.192"diameter)
having minimum break strength of 2170 lbf
Mesh sizes to consider (mesh size is the minimum clear distance between the wires forming the parallel sides of the mesh) are 2"mesh, 1" mesh and 3/8" mesh. Consider the following regarding mesh size:

The smaller the mesh size the more difficult to climb or cut.
The heavier the gauge wire the more difficult to cut.


Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements!