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Architecture Expanded Metal

Architecture Expanded Metal
   Architecture Expanded Metal systems are designed for a number of applications from perimeter demarcation to the highest level of security. Quanzhuang has been trying its best to offer the clients the right fences to suit their needs. Whether you want to replace an existing fence or opt for a brand new one, you can count on Quanzhuang.
Architecture Expanded Metal:Features & Benefits
1.Difficult to penetrate and scale;
2.Aesthetically pleasing; 
3.Strong and Durable;
4.Excellent through vision and ease of installation;
5.Competitively Priced;
6.Galvanised with the option of polyester powder coating.
Architecture Expanded Metal has a wide range of uses as followed:
1.General Fencing – Industrial ,Commercial , Retail, Hospitals, Car Parks,Schools
2.Rail – Trackside, Level Crossings, Depots, Bridges, Stations
3.Utilities – Water Treatment Works, Sewage Treatment Works, Reservoirs, Pumping Stations,
4.Substation Security, Telecommunication Compounds.
5.High Security – Airports , Ports , Prisons , High Security Establishments, Institutions...