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American Earth Anchors


Earth Anchor 



The colour has red ,black,and so on,It is painted powder.We can make it accroding to customer's inquiry.

earth anchor 
screw-in anchor 
instead of hammer into ground, this new screw-in anchor goes into ground easily with the spanner-

earth anchor


Earth Srew anchor

instead of hammer into ground, this new screw-in anchor goes into ground easily with the spanner-bar

screw-in earth sleeves

this new screw-in earth sleeves with five different plastic adapter sleeves which suitable for a tube from 25-65mm. this system has a wide purpose of uses. instead of hammer into ground,it goes into ground easily with the spanner-bar

pole ground plate(bolt- down):

this ground plate is ideal where circumstances do nor allow the anchor to be driven into the ground ,such as concrete base or on decking, this bolt-down gives the goos solution, it can be support for the patio fencing ,rose arches etc.,

pole ground plate flush(bolt- down flush)

the bolt down flush is used in the same circumstances bolt-down . it can also be mounting against wall this ground plate is easy to install, just drill holes in the concrete base, fixed to the base

pole anchor(concrete-in)

this anchor has been designed for use in hard standing areas . laid it in the wet concrete for enough strength the anchor is ideal for car ports pergolas and general fencing application

repair spur

this spur provides this solution to fence posts which have broken off in an existing sound concrete base. If the post broken off at ground lever, this repair spur can be hammered directly into the base of the rotten/broken post and install new timber post

post extender

this post extender enable to increase the height of any existing fence, it is recommended to raise the height of the existing fence up to max.1mter