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Aluminium Amplimesh

Amplimesh for Window Security

Window security amplimesh grille is made of aluminium alloy.
The amplimesh width can be 0-1.2m, and the length can be 0-5.8m
The aluminium mesh( grille) has smooth edge, reliable strength
The thickness can be 5.5mm,6mm,6.2mm, 6.8mm or 7mm

Amplimesh for Security Doors and Screens:
We offer security doors and screens custom made to ensure a proper fit. We manufacture both traditional Security Grille screens and the latest technology screen (grille-free) security screens.

Window security amplimesh comes in various styles. We supply non-tearing powdercoated aluminium sheet style amplimesh.

The amplimesh grille should be a one piece extruded aluminium grille which meets the requirements of the Australian Standard for Security Screen Doors.

The Frame: Should be heavy duty extruded aluminium.