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Amplimesh - Ampligrip - Ampliscreen


The beauty and flexibility of Amplimesh ornamental grilles is unsurpassed. Manufactured by lancing and expanding high tensile 6063-T5 aluminum extrusions, Amplimesh is ideal for architectural and ornamental applications.
The sturdy strands of Amplimesh are easily fabricated to any configuration. Welded into frames or tubing, Amplimesh is a popular choice for attractive security grilles, ornamental door grilles, safety fencing, or handrail infill panels.


Ampligrip 201 and 202 are economical, lightweight, aluminum flooring products popular for food processing and corrosion resistant applications. Single-piece construction combined with extensive open area allows for rapid cleaning of the floor. The depth of Ampligrip 201 is .500 inches and the depth of Ampligrip 202 is .960 inches. Both products are available in 24" x 20"-0 stock panels or cut-to-size to your specification.


Ampliscreen 351 is perfect for sun screen applications. The rich design complemented by the overall strand depth of 1-3/8" provides an attractive and economic solution to screening applications.


The mill finish on 6063 aluminum alloy panels is often quite suitable for interior and non-ornamental exterior applications. When evaluating architectural applications, consider anodizing or kynar finish coatings to provide a premium appearance and years of outstanding performance.


Design Patterns

Custom size panels are available for all products. Illustrated hole dimensions may vary on custom sizes. Contact our sales staff for assistance with custom panels.