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Welded Wire Fence is made up of welded mesh panels and post

Update Time: 2013-06-27

Welded Wire Fence is made up of welded mesh panels and post, offers private properties a very high quality fence that combines protection and beauty.



- The economic solution, available in green, black and white.

- The most classic line of the range, ideal for boundary fencing.

- Its tightly woven mesh gives it the utmost strength for optimal protection.

- Its rounded form provides an aesthetic aspect an reinforces the character of your house.

 Installation in stages 

- Rapid, no accessories needed. Panels hook to the throat of the posts.

Adaptability to all types of land

-          Curved, corners sloping

Several configurations possible 

- Installation on wall with a sleeved base or a welded plate.

- Embedding.

- Installation with concrete gravel board


- System cannot be removed (replacement posts can be obtained)

- No fixing parts.

- Defensive studs (may be directed upward or downward).

- 2 m between post and post.

Quality of finish 

-          High Adherence plastic coating on galvanized steel.