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This has included new prisons being constructed

Update Time: 2013-06-27

In the past few years the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) has been expanding and upgrading its prison facilities around the country. This has included new prisons being constructed and existing prisons such as North End Prison in Port Elizabethbeing upgraded and refurbished to suit the needs of the department better.  China being part of the world’s largest fencing company, has been able to use its experience of developing solutions to meet this need.

It says a lot when a project or projects dictate certain elements of a factory, however such is the commitment to assisting the DCS that when  moved into their new factory in Hebei Province in 2009 this project dictated the size of the PVC coating machine commissioned and in part the layout of the factory.

The key product in the prisons solution is ‘s Dublo patented system. Made from 4mm Zincous wires it is a small aperture mesh consisting of a horizontal wire welded between two vertical wires and is available in heights ranging from2374mm to5800mm (2374mm and2985mm are standard sizes). This is typically installed onto galvanized angle iron posts, with a flat bar to sandwich the mesh to the posts, and a top and bottom rail to support the mesh as shown below.