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The prison fence installation process advantages

Update Time: 2013-09-18

The prison fence can be ground installation, can be installed on the wall two times, effectively prevent climbing escape. Straight type net belt, is a column body and a barbed wire transverse, longitudinal, oblique cross bound into a gill net belt. The prison fence is mainly used in special zone, military base ring support, ditch ring support, installation is simple, economic and durable.

Prison guard rail net is called as "the Y security guard" and airport fence general, is by V support column, reinforced welded mesh, safety anti-theft connector and hot dip galvanized blade barbed cage. The intensity and the security defensive level is very high. In recent years, is widely used in prisons, military bases and other high security places. Note: if the installation of blade barbed wire, razor barbed wire fence at the top in the prison and better safety performance. Using electroplating, hot plating, spray, dip the corrosion form, has the characteristics of good anti-aging, sunscreen, weather and so. The product appearance, color and diverse, both play a role in the fence, but also play a role in landscaping. Because of its high security, anti climbing ability is good, mesh connection using a special SBS fastener, effectively prevent human destructive disassembly, four transverse bending ribs, strength of the net surface increased significantly.

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