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The development history of blade barbed rope

Update Time: 2013-09-18

Razor barbed wire has been flourishing, attention to it gradually increased, it is how to develop? The first blade barbed rope is what? We take you into the blade barbed rope history.

Before barbed wire invented in the blade, the human search for making fences around the main material, trees, stones, prickly brush and mud and other materials. When the colonists came to America Earth found these began to demand, so they began to seek a fence to create a more economic.

Started production of hot drawing cold-rolled steel wire in 400 years ago. In 1870, silk of various length for high quality smooth has occurred. With these smooth wire ring fence the Stockmen, but found in poultry or still in and out. In 1867, two inventors tried to smooth silk top with thorn. But there is no practical proof. Until 1874, Michael Kelly invented a very practical method in silk with thorns, began to use a lot of.

Joseph Glidden found in a small village common inside the rope above a wooden have plenty of sharp nails on its side, tied to the inside is smooth wire. This made him very excited. Also the achievements of his invention now razor barbed wire shape. Glidden thorn on an improvised coffee grinder, and then the thorns interval along the smooth wire and other wire around the spine twist up fixed position.

After Glidden the successful invention until today more than 570 blade barbed rope patent invention. It is one of the "world changing invention".

Glidden is known as the father of the blade barbed rope. Many companies started production equipment for mass production.

Cost accounting razor barbed wire: gross weight (X strands of barbed wire price X70%+ price X30%) + processing fees.