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Easy to transport and assemble

Update Time: 2013-06-27

Easy to transport and assemble. Lightweight and modular.

Kingcats is a lightweight modular system of hi-tensile aluminium crowd control barriers and temporary fencing manufactured to meet or exceed international standards.

Featuring a modern aluminium finish that looks good in any application. Combine barrier fence units with corner sections and service gates to erect a cost-effective, free standing integrated crowd control solution.

Kingcats Barrier Crowd Control Fencing acts as a barrier between crowds and whatever they need to be kept away from for reasons of safety, privacy or to stop interference in an activity. They are most commonly used at events such as concerts to keep crowds away from stage areas, but other applications include creating a barrier at sports grounds, exhibitions and dangerous areas. In many cases, the erection of a crowd control barrier fencing system at an event is part of the contractual agreement between the event organizer and the entertainment.