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Screen, screen machine synchronous prolong service life

Update Time: 2013-06-27

I plant after years of experience in the production of the screen in the production or use of the screen could extend the service life of the screen. Daily use of screen mesh net surface to ensure clean often on the screen to wipe dry clean. To reduce the corrosion on the screen to avoid putting on the use of air pollution more serious place screen, ocean zone serious air pollution is more serious pollution of the local mesh is to choose products screen good material. Stainless steel 316L material can be said to be one of the better products, there are 316, 321 and other materials of stainless steel, the screen of these materials in the coastal air is wet environment for long-term use screen color will be grayed to lose the original mesh surface sheen also said screen rusty. There a way out of the screen above the embroidery? There is, I plant the production of screen for many years on this phenomenon, we can tell you with detergent or soapy water to wipe the screen with a soft cotton towel dry, then dry towel wipe several times grey will remove the back screen screen original luster. Often on the stainless steel screen wipe is the best way to prolong the service life of the screen. We produce mesh on mesh machinery always oil, diesel, or butter to ensure action screen machinery parts flexible is the key to extend the screen machine.