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Screen production elements and methods

Update Time: 2013-06-27

Screen production elements and methods

A black silk screen material, steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire made of different materials, wire, wire etc.. The screen is made of a screen mesh weaving machine according to the customer request weave different wire diameter and metal screen aperture.

In the weaving process rolling gear plays a key role, different size according to the number of different fixed gear.

Select wire according to the customer's needs, material thickness of wire diameter, number of gear teeth of the wire mesh for specific formula, calculation formula of the number of mesh warp root; 25.5/ (wire through + aperture) * *5.3= number number. Put the gear in the rolling machine, then the wire for gear rolling out with bent wire diameter. According to customer requirements to calculate the screen required width should be with the number of wire diameter, rolling good wire diameter after the wire diameter in the screen netting machine (i.e. mesh weaving machine) on a compiled, edited can weave mesh pulling strip (if there is a net surface leaking hole), to stop the screen machine running, pulling strip (leak) removed. The reasons for this phenomenon is the screen machine column should be adjusted. Said reinforced adjusted net surface column can continue after weaving. To ensure that the screen net surface smooth, weave in and out of the firm is the key. If the process of weaving weft short appeared to stop immediately wire mesh machinery operation, this may be the spring bar off past reason screen machinery mouthpiece inside, a silk thick spring in the mouth, this phenomenon will disappear. I plant the production of screen has the two-way separated wave bending, flat-topped curved, biaxial bending, poly compilation method lock bending.