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What is the secret of stainless steel mesh

Update Time: 2013-06-27

It is closely related with the stainless steel mesh in daily life, but a lot of people on the performance of the stainless steel screen doesn't know much, along with the development of economy is becoming more and more widely in use, many people think that the stainless steel mesh is a never rusty, this approach is wrong, stainless steel screen although according to different application conditions, the oxidation degree is not the same, but in the end have been oxidized in nature, its surface to form a layer of passivation film it in a more stable oxide forms, this phenomenon is called corrosion.

Screen surface passivation film on stainless steel in corrosion resistance ability weak position, and the formation of pitting corrosion reaction, because small self-excited reaction, coupled with the chloride ion close, forming corrosive solution is very strong, the accelerated corrosion reaction speed. There are stainless steel internal intergranular corrosion cracking, all of these, the passive film on stainless steel mesh surface has destructive effect.

The stainless steel mesh surface must be regular cleaning and maintenance, product surface of rainbow, is too much detergent or by oil, washing with warm water and neutral detergent to wash away. Stainless steel screen surface of the trademark, film, with warm water, weak detergent to wash, binder composition, use of alcohol or organic solvent (ethyl ether, benzene) scrub. Stainless steel screen surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, use a clean soft cloth to wipe, then use neutral detergent or ammonia solution or use special detergent. Stainless steel screen surface has a bleaching agent and various acid attachment, immediately wash with water, then the solution of ammonia or neutral carbonated soda water immersion, cleaning with neutral detergent and warm water. The dirt on the surface of stainless steel screen caused by rust, available in 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, also can use the washing chemical cleaning. Cleaning of stainless steel mesh surface must not scratch the surface phenomenon, avoid the use of bleaching composition and washing liquid grinding agent, steel ball, grinding tools, to get rid of the washing liquid, washing with clean water to wash the end surface of stainless steel mesh surface dust and easy to remove dirt, use soap, detergent or weak warm water washing.

Therefore, there are many problems on the stainless steel mesh maintenance. As long as we use the correct maintenance to keep its gorgeous surface can prolong the service life, clean, bright, gorgeous style.